Saturday, February 22, 2014

Voice as an instrument for improvisers: Workshop with Géraldine Eguiluz

Sunday March 9, 1pm-3pm

This is a workshop for singers and instrumentalists who like to sing! Géraldine Eguiluz will share her unique and dynamic approach to improvising as a vocalist. Come and bring your instruments, your voice, and your spirit for an inspiring and insightful workshop with one of the country's most amazing improvising singers!

Voice of the earth, with echoes of jazz and south-american music, making nymphs and spirits of the ages come to life, it is in the heart of transformation, idioms and languages, people and memories, that Géraldine Eguiluz has created music for the last twenty years.
Mrs. Eguiluz has been on a roll since the late eighties, with ensembles going from solo to chamber orchestras, with the Mexican collectives Tritonia and Bacaanda Multimedia (1996-2003), New York and Canadian ensembles in the last decade: The Kitchen House Blend (2004) Yumbotik Trio (2008) Lafayette String Quartet (2011) Albedo (2009-2011) Firey Strings Company (2013), SEA Trio (2013) Ensemble Arkea (2013). These ensembles have included the likes of Sean Conly, Michaël Attias, Satoshi Takeishi, Isaiah Cecaarelli, Ellwood Epps, Scott Thomson and Yves Charuest.
She works in the experimental, improvisation, musique actuelle and jazz scenes, but her music has the print of latinamerican, afro-american, aboriginal and contemporary sounds. Eguiluz's multidisciplinary collaborations include video, theatre, danse and circus, recorded electronic and multimedia music, but she mostly composes for acoustic instruments. She has produced her own recordings with her group Tritonia in México, and her canadian recordings Time of Light and Rubedo’ ro are soon to be released on the Malasartes Label; both are distributed by,
Eguiluz is currently collaborationg with Montréal's avant-garde musicians like the Joker noise choir, and she concentrates composing and singing for her band Rubedo’ ro, as well as her duo with bassist Stéphane Diamantakiou.
Citizen of the world, Eguiluz was born in México, and grew up in Colombia, Portugal and France, and as a musician, toured Italy, Germany, USA, Cuba, Venezuela and Brasil. She emmigrated to Québec city in 2006 and moved to Montreal in 2011. She has played with well known musicians, but keeps her path on present and on welcoming what is to come. 

The workshop is open to musicians of all backgrounds and levels of experience, and will be taught in French and English. Piano, drums, p.a. and some amplifiers will be provided for you on-site.
The cost of the workshop is $25. To sign up, send an email to

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