Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First workshop of 2015 starts January 25!!

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January 25 + February 1, 8, 15 2-4pm
with Concert February 15 @ 8pm

Come be part of this exciting ensemble-based workshop where you'll be able to unleash your creative spirit and develop skills as an improvising musician. All are welcome, no matter what instrument you play, how long you've been playing, or what style of music you might come from. This three-day workshop is about playing music together in real time, and the experience you have will be just as important as the music we make together.

Over four Sunday afternoons we'll work on: What is improvisation? How do we get started? What do we listen for? How do we evaluate what we are playing? We'll play, talk, listen, play some more, and we'll make some good music together!
Then on the night of the final Sunday, we'll get our friends together and present an informal concert.

The workshop and concert will take place at La Passe (1214 de la Montagne), a beautiful concert space and an important nerve center of Montreal's creative music scene.

Piano, drums, and p.a. system will be provided on-site.

Workshop leader trumpeter Ellwood Epps has led the SIM since 2009. He works primarily as an improviser, playing regularly across Canada and the US. He has worked with internationally renowned improvisers including William Parker, Steve Lacy, Lori Freedman, and Henry Grimes, and appears on more than 50 recordings. He has taught and worked with many kinds of students, from age 5 to 75, including beginners, professionals, people with special needs, and in settings including hospitals, jazz festivals, and his own studio.

The workshop dates are January 25 and February 1, 8, and 15, from 2-4pm.
The concert will be at 8pm on February 15.

The workshop will be in both French and English, depending on the needs of participants.

To sign up, please send an email to

The cost of the workshop is $85 if prepaid by January 21 (non-refundable).
After January 21, cost is $100 ($25 non-refundable to reserve, and the balance on first day of workshop)
The price includes all four afternoons.

One position of helper-participant is available. In exchange for some light work, this person will be able to take the workshop free of charge. Please inquire if you feel this would make it possible for you to participate.

To watch some videos of a SIM's concert, follow these links:

For info on Ellwood Epps, go to

''I love these workshops where we can explore and develop with others and with complete freedom our own freely improvised music.''
-Isabel Serra, saxophonist

'' The workshop has been a great experience in the foundations of improvisation, listening, response, sensitivity, sounds etc. Ellwood thank you again for this great experience and inspiration during these workshops.''
-Francois Corbeil, trumpeter
''A space of sound experimentation, boundary breaking and the bending of preconceived notions ...A great class to step outside the box.''
-Tarek Burgan, guitarist

''The worshop with Ellwood Epps was a way for me to try something new with my voice.''
-Vincent Bergeron, vocalist